Helping society. Realizing our full potential.




"I deeply believe in the ability of women-owned businesses like ours to grow and contribute to the betterment of society.

In an industry that has historically been male-dominated, I knew in 2004 that I could forge a successful path as CEO of Coranet®.  Coranet is less about products and much more about service and solutions.  When most people think of creativity and innovation, we think of the latest gizmos and the correlating magic they invoke.  But creativity also includes lower level activities that cannot be offshored, where you can hire people in the inner cities and give them opportunities to learn new skills, grow, serve clients and help contribute to their families and communities.

Since 2004, when I took the company over, we have proven that a different ownership structure and cultural focus sets us apart in a relatively mature business.  We have access to resources and partnerships, we can be innovators, advocates for women and disadvantaged groups, and more effective community members, enabling us to realize our full market potential.”

Who is Margaret's most influential role model?

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