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Nichola Bourne Financial Analyst

Nichola Bourne
Financial Analyst

Nichola Bourne has been an integral member of Coranet’s Finance department for eight years. She has worked on every type of client, from large public agencies to Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations.  In addition to daily finance responsibilities, she is now heavily involved in compliance reporting through online project portals, which are becoming standard practice for large enterprises.  
What do you like best about working at Coranet? 
“I touch the same projects as our technicians, but from a different perspective,” says Nichola. “Here in the Finance Department, we have an open forum where everyone answers questions and inquiries quickly, thus making my work more fulfilling. My manager and colleagues bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I apply all the principles at work. Work is a home away from home.”
What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge?
While working in a temporary swing space after Hurricane Sandy, Nichola reports that the department truly came together and worked as a team. “Not only did Finance fulfill all obligations to clients, partners and suppliers, we also streamlined and automated several manual processes going forward.” 
What Will Make Coranet Successful in the Future?
“Training for all employees is critical,” says Nichola. “Technicians in particular will continue to be our greatest asset.”