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Michael Madigan

Account Manager

"I've never worked anywhere that has had such a consistent and steadfast track record of satisfied customers. I love coming to work every day."

Michael Madigan is an Account Executive with Coranet, responsible for developing and managing new accounts in Florida and national clients. 
Since joining Coranet in 2014, Mike has analyzed the business issues and needs of many clients and recommended new solutions that solve business needs and issues by leveraging technology. Building on Coranet’s strengths in cabling, infrastructure, wireless and telephony, Mike is helping us add value across a broad range of technologies.  This includes advancements in our national deployment and support practice as well as in IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Lifecycle Management (ITLM) .
“When I see the solutions we designed and executed in action in a client’s retail store or workspace,” says Madigan, “I know that I had a hand in helping to empower someone’s operation technologically.  Once we engage with our clients and they experience us, they’ll be customers for life.  I’ve never worked anywhere that has had such a consistent and steadfast track record of satisfied customers”
What do you like about working at Coranet?
“I love coming to work every day because we’re a very team-oriented environment internally.   I can see how that energy, vitality and drive trickle into the client’s environment.  We are really an extension of their team– you can’t fake that kind of thing.” 
What do you see for the future?
“Today we design, install and manage mission-critical systems.  Tomorrow, we will be at the forefront of each user’s front-end experience and be at every turn of operational efficiencies and effectiveness.”

Anthony Scotti

Account Manager

"I enjoy the team around me.  They bring a lot of energy and responsibility.  We work well as a team for national roll outs"

Anthony Scotti has been with Coranet for 20 years. Starting out as a Field Engineer, Anthony quickly moved into an account manager role, running Coranet’s business with a major bank for 12 years. Since 2013, he has focused on multiple location, nationwide rollouts, a growing segment of Coranet’s business.

These are major projects often involving well over 1,000 locations. For one fast food chain, we are replacing digital menu boards with 50” TVs that can be monitored or updated centrally.  Another involved replacing “end of life” routers and switching equipment in 20 branches per night across the country. Still others involve Wireless Access Point installations, mission-critical critical network fixes, and break/fixes in locations nationwide. In all cases, the pace and demands are intense.   

How do Anthony and his Team Excel Given the Constant Pressure? 

“Our call center and entire team have risen to meet the challenge of increasingly providing support outside of business hours, across a vast geographic area. They are constantly in touch with the field to ensure that the resources, equipment and documentation are on-time and in order. I rely on them 100% to escalate any issues.” 

“The success we achieve in each roll-out fuels my energy to meet the next challenge.”

What do you like best about working at Coranet?

“The people around me. They bring a lot of energy and responsibility. We work well together.”



Manuel Almonte

Telecommunications Field Technician

"Earning a new's client's trust is key. Learn how Manny and his team came through in an emergency.

Manny Almonte has been with Coranet for eight years. He initially worked on our largest municipal client building out communications centers. For the past four years, Manny has been the lead technician for a major new transit authority client.

What has been your biggest challenge?  “Earning our new client’s trust. First we have to learn what they like and don’t like. Then I showed them that we deliver on our promises 100% of the time.”  For this client, Manny and his team installed almost 3,000 feet of cable into manholes in much less time than others would take. This client also had an emergency - a rail car connecting the city to its airport caught on fire - and Coranet stayed on site for 20 hours straight!

What makes Coranet successful?  ”It's all about team work. We’re a big family and consult with each other on everything – that’s what keeps us going.  We also get great support from our manager Paul Giddens. We are The Face of Technology, and it's our responsibility to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.”

What will the future be like for Coranet? “Every day there’s a new technology.  It keeps us awake as we learn what’s coming next.  As long as we maintain a positive image at work and in general, the sky’s the limit.”

 Here is what one client recently told us about Manny:

“In a time where exceptional service has virtually disappeared, the work, the communication, and the follow through that Manny provided should be an example for others to follow.”


Oscar Hollander
Systems Engineer

Oscar has been at Coranet for over 15 years. “I’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of clients, including large banks, public agencies and smaller companies,” says Oscar.


Oscar has been at Coranet for over 15 years. “I’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of clients, including large banks, public agencies and smaller companies,” says Oscar.

What has been Oscar’s biggest challenge? Helping a German company deploy Alcatel-Lucent VOIP equipment in all its US locations. The project meant complex coordination and logistics, including seven factories in Kentucky. Oscar and his teammates stayed in Kentucky for 11 days straight, working long hours through the weekend. “Every time we brought up a new node, we had to work with technical staff in Germany to integrate it with the global phone network,” says Oscar. With Oscar’s help, we completed the project on time and within budget. 

Recently, Oscar’s project management role has broadened. He works with technicians who are installing Wireless Access Points for a large retailer with sites across the US.  “This has been interesting and rewarding as I adjust to the idea that other technicians besides me are onsite and in control,” remarks Oscar.

What does Oscar like about working at Coranet? “This is a great place to work. Everyone knows everyone and is extremely friendly. There’s no red tape – you can get feedback and assistance from everybody, including the owners. Yet we’re large enough to stay on top of new technology products and get training.” 

Oscar gets great reviews from clients.  Here is what one Foundation recently told us:

“We've had Oscar come for a lot of different projects in the past, and he is absolutely magnificent. He is so detail-oriented and responds very quickly. He explains everything and answers everything.”


Paul Giddens

Account Manager
“I enjoy my work and would never leave.  I’m pleased with what we’ve done and look towards tomorrow and know the company will do better things.  I’ll never jump off this ride.”


Paul has been with Coranet® for 22 years – our 7th employee. One of his favorite memories from the early days was gathering with team members and their families at one of the owner’s homes over the summer. This close family culture and resulting strong commitment to the business and clients has continued through thick and thin until today.

After serving as a technician for several years, Paul became an early manager at Coranet and went on to hire many of our current  technician/technical staff. His clients still respect him for his hands-on expertise.

“They know that I know the right way to get the job done. I make sure it’s done the right way every time. When I get a due date on a job, I don’t like to be scrambling the day before. I like to have it done in advance. If we’re on site for a week, I stop by regularly. When a construction project is almost completed, the customer sees that we are complete, while others may still be scrambling.”

Clients deeply appreciate Paul’s commitment:  Here’s what one client  who has worked with Paul since 2002 just told us:

“You’re the best, my Ace-in-the-hole. Other suppliers don’t hold a candle to Coranet - you are the only game in town. I have a direct line to Paul. Paul bridges the gap and makes it happen.”

Ed Jeffers

Ed Jeffers

Account Manager

"I have enjoyed the 15 years that I've spent here. There have been some challenges, but I could not think of a better company to work for."


Ed has been with Coranet for 15 years. He is an Account Manager with one of our large municipal clients. Here are some of his experiences at Coranet:

“We are always trying to advance and grow with our clients, so we are always willing to re-train ourselves and make sure that we are well-equipped to handle whatever comes our way.

When client’s network goes down on occasion, we are able to recover within a short time and reestablish what the customer needs. To do that, we must have the necessary equipment in stock to make the needed repairs. We need to make sure that we stay ahead of the game and are well-versed in all the products the clients are using.

Many of the people that I work with have been here over 10 years, and we joke at times that it’s like a family. Even though the demands are high, there is not a lot of negative pressure.

I get excellent support from my team members and I see myself being here for a while.”


Dionne Humphrey  

Customer Care Service Team Leader

 "I enjoy working at Coranet because of close-knit employee relationships. We work hard to ensure client satisfaction and have fun at the same time. "


Video Interview with Dionne

Dionne Humphrey has been with Coranet since 1998. She is currently the Customer Care Service Team Leader, where she dispatches field engineers daily. She also works alongside our key account managers on large accounts.

“I love working with my teammates and the employees at Coranet,” says Dionne.

What sets Coranet apart from other technology service firms? “We are a family here,” says Humphrey. Most of Coranet’s employees have been here for a long time, and she attributes this to the company’s success. “We’ve grown with this company,” she says. 

Having been with Coranet for 15 years, Dionne believes that her biggest challenge came with the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. “Our building was shut down, and we were moved to a different location with limited technology,” Dionne says. Even with limited resources and working under conditions that were not ideal, Dionne and the Coranet tem were still able to achieve exemplary results. While the circumstances were “very challenging for a couple of months,” says Dionne, “we pulled through.”

As far as the future is concerned, Dionne looks forward to more positive challenges, “weather permitting.”


Sandy Cadeau  

Project Manager


"I have a special memory from all my client experiences. I've learned something from every client that I've had the pleasure of working with. I like being able to anticipate their needs."



Sandy has been at Coranet for 13 years.

"The thing that I like most about working at Coranet is my co-workers: the camaraderie and support makes it a pleasure to come to work every day," says Sandy.

Sandy started on a customer site as a phone operator at Merrill Lynch in Somerset, NJ, and after six months became a Technology Service Coordinator.  Her duties included day to day move, add and changes, billing, material inventory, "telco" orders and office restacks. Moving on to Coranet's Fairfield, NJ location, she worked in the Finance Department as an Accounts Payable/Credit & Collections representative, before she worked as a database collector and trainer for the Alcatel Lucent products.

After becoming an expert on Alcatel Lucent technology, and working on numerous installations, Sandy was assigned to Alcatel as a dedicated trainer. When a Project Manager position became available, Sandy was nominated for the position by Alcatel employees and was awarded the position. She has now been a Project Manager for the past two years. Sandy’s own words above confirm that the choice was the right one.




Mike Paz
Sales Engineer


"The thing I like best about Coranet is the feeling of unity from the field tech all the way up to the executives."


Mike joined Coranet in 2005.

"Because of the unity at Coranet, our customers receive the highest efficiency with the least amount of red tape," says Mike.

As a Sales Engineer, Mike supports our sales force & project managers with research on customer bids. He also manages small to mid-size voice & data installations.

For example, one bank was scheduled for multiple Cisco installations over a short period of time.  Mike ensured that all the branches had up-to-date equipment installed and also enabled their branch employees to work seamlessly with customers with no down time.

"I am particularly proud of helping to make videoconferencing one of our flagship products. I introduce video to potential clients who typically would not consider themselves a viable candidate. My work allows these clients to realize the savings that this new technology can bring to their business.”




Marvin Davis
Field Service Technician


"My Motto is 'Customers First'. Whether helping with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy or with more regular installations, I like to advocate for my clients."


Marvin has been with Coranet for 12 years. He works mainly on-site with his largest customer.

“My motto is ‘Customers first.’ I do whatever I can to help the customer get the best service. Even if a service call went well, I like to know what we can do even better the next time."

Marvin joined Coranet after the 9/11 tragedy to help with restoration efforts in different buildings in downtown Manhattan. Since then, Coranet has been a “journey” for Marvin. Most recently, he was integral to helping some clients recover from Hurricane Sandy. Both recovery efforts were extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally.

More typically, Marvin works in the networking area, with wiring and installation of VOIP phones. Marvin ensures that wiring supports all PC infrastructure as well.  He enjoys installing and troubleshooting using the newer fiber optic technology. One of Marvin’s largest projects was the consolidation of multiple departmental sites into seven floors in downtown Manhattan. This involved moving and re-installing nearly 1,000 telephone lines and carefully managing the project quality, using spreadsheets and automated project management tools.

“Coranet is a very good company to work for,” according to Marvin.  “I enjoy my co-workers and sharing my technical skills with my customers and colleagues.”



Katherine Hawe

Project Manager

Katie started at Coranet in 2009.  Her first assignment involved working across the country to help a major bank with the technology integration of newly acquired branches. In 2010, she transitioned to our largest municipal client, where she works today as an Office/Project Manager.

“The biggest challenge initially was to make genuine connections with each agency within our client.  It took a little while for them to trust me. After making that transition, I helped us make big progress in bridging their system with ours, so that Coranet can provide needed reporting.”

After Hurricane Sandy, Katie’s office was relatively unaffected, but she did have to walk two miles from 14th Street to a temporary office downtown. “One thing I did during the recovery was to keep everyone updated with as much information as available in as timely a manner as possible.”

What does Katie like about working at Coranet? “Working for a woman-owned business makes me feel good. As an employee in a family business, I feel much more valued than I would in a huge company.”

“Our role has grown, but there is so much more to do. I’d like to be more involved in the technical side of the business, especially as we start to deliver services in a more automated manner over time.”

“Coranet is a very good company to work for,” according to Marvin.  “I enjoy my co-workers and sharing my technical skills with my customers and colleagues.”