Coranet is committed to continued network maintenance

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Dedicated Coranet customer care center offers full data management services



When you need network maintenance, you need the supplier to respond quickly. We are committed to service through your entire equipment’s life cycle. When you call our centralized Customer Care Center, you connect directly with a Coranet® representative who will provide you the support that you require.

Every call, every time.

Once network solutions are installed, you can rely on Coranet for continued support with emergency repair, move/add/changes, and general maintenance.

We understand the complexities of your network and therefore the best route to a timely, permanent resolution of your issue.

Our Customer Care Center delivers:

  • Trouble reporting and resolution
  • Orders for moves/adds/changes
  • Maintains repository of all client activity
  • Remote diagnosis and repair
  • Field engineers immediately dispatched for major interruptions
  • Centralized dispatch
  • Remote monitoring


 Contact us to see how we can service your technology needs quickly and reliably.