Network Infrastructure for the Retail Space.

Network Infrastructure for the Retail Space    

Serving the retail market with IT     solutions



Advanced technology has evolved how consumers engage with retail environments, giving retailers numerous technology options to consider.

You may be looking to enhance the customer experience, add a new layer of security, improve logistics or update your network infrastructure.
Coranet understands the importance of secure network services in retail for everything from digital signage and wireless connectivity to video surveillance and IT security. As the retail space continues to evolve, Coranet is establishing itself as a leader in that technological evolution.

With deep experience and an impeccable track record in national retail rollouts, Coranet has set the benchmark for customer satisfaction in technology integration. Our company is proud to offer a wide variety of innovative solutions:

  • Mobile solutions feature in-building wireless networks, wireless kiosks and ATMs, personal device integration for retail associates, paperless environments and inventory and availability programs.
  • Omni-channel digital solutions include digital menu boards, quick serve kiosk installation and management, customer service experience enhancements through music and audio visual systems and technology incorporation for omni-channel programs. 
  • Analytic solutions offer real-time solutions including in-store analytics, executive decisions powered by real-time analytics, merchandising intelligence, upselling and cross-selling initiatives with key performance indicators, and demographic scenarios to improve sales.
  • Security solutions provide bio-readers, building security and loss prevention technologies, CHIP and PIN integration, RFID solutions, and infrastructure and network security.
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Coranet in retail

As technology reinvents the retail experience, Coranet provides the innovative network support to keep all data operations running smoothly. Here are a few examples of Coranet’s successful retail applications:
  • Replaced a fast food retailer’s digital menu boards with LCD monitors that can be centrally monitored and updated.
  • Helped a major retailer monitor consumer traffic and analytics, including understanding outside conversion, time spent in specific areas, and employee resource allocation.
  • Installed loss prevention security cameras for major retail clients, as well as point of sale terminals and CHIP/PIN-compatible card readers at checkout points.
  • Enhanced merchandise inventory tracking for retail teams through wireless, RFID, scanner guns, and wireless integration using iPads.
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