Real Estate IT Technology Solutions

Real Estate IT Technology Solutions    

Bringing IT solutions together



Accessibility, adaptability and security - commercial property preferences in these areas are changing. Tenants value IT solutions that guarantee high performance and efficiency. Whether you are a commercial property manager or a developer, you can offer turnkey solutions to serve numerous users. This way you can bundle additional offerings to your tenants under your umbrella. We have provided IT communication solutions for a range of industries that meet the today’s communication needs while preparing for the future.

For example, intelligent office elements are essential for any successful business looking for efficiencies while maintaining a friendly environment. Coranet steps in to make technology installations, upgrades and maintenance painless. We are pleased to work with each client and customize solutions. The future workplace integrates technology that improves employees’ performance and gives them easier control over sources of distraction such as noise, lighting and temperature regulation.

IT solutions for the real estate industry by Coranet

Some of the IT solutions for real estate industry we provide include:

  • Structured cabling
  • Wireless solutions
  • VoIP
  • Video conferencing
  • Data networking
  • Security
  • Consulting & project management
  • Data centers
  • Unified communications
  • Audio Video (AV) Systems
  • Digital signage Intelligent office integration

Our project managers can work directly with you or we can set up a work agreement directly with your tenants. Coranet technicians have worked on numerous small and large scale real estate services and technology projects. Our engineers have decades of experience in designing and implementing the world’s most advanced technologies. We provide constant technical support as well as routine maintenance to enable cost savings to all our clients.

Contact us at 1.855.CORANET to see how our IT solutions can transform your new or existing infrastructure. 

Real Estate IT Success Story

RCS Real Estate Advisors, not only recommend us to their clients, but also use Coranet for their own relocation needs. The company had the opportunity to relocate its headquarters to a new office but needed to complete the relocation within just eight weeks. A successful relocation meant a new high-speed structured cable system needed to be designed, moving existing voice, data and video services, organization of physical relocation of technology hardware, etc. The in-house coordination of the entire project was an option but due to the scale, it wasn’t preferred in such a short time period. The Coranet team was to orchestrate the authoring of service providers’ Letters of Agreement; determine costs required to support the move of various technology systems; design and supervise the installation of new high-speed structured cabling system; design and oversee the building of new LAN room and technology systems rack and much more. The end result was successful relocation of their headquarters into newly constructed offices, within the required timeframes and within the budget. 

Thriving firms have come to realize that by investing in real estate technology, they not only bring up the value of the property but also attract more business. By adopting best in class real estate technology services, commercial property managers have been able to reduce overall costs, improve operations and better leverage their businesses.