Straight Talk from the Corner Office



Coranet's series - Straight Talk from the Corner Office - shares research and perspectives on IT issues with our clients and contacts so they can be flexible and deliver increased value even in an environment where resources are scarce.

Issue #12 - Summer 2017

Ensuring the Physical Security of Your Business

While cybercrime tends to draw the top headlines, Coranet's current issue focuses on a related, growing area of concern - the safeguarding of physical security. This paper includes an overview and key considerations in three areas: video monitoring, intrusion detection and access control. 


Issue #11 - Fall 2016


Is Cloud Managed Mobility the Right Approach?

Drawing on important trends covered previously in Straight Talk, this issue presents an arena where Mobility and Cloud come together - Cloud-Managed Mobility. Cloud-managed wireless networks provide benefits, but are complex. This paper outlines purchase decision criteria and considerations for Cloud-Managed WLANs.


Issue #10 - Spring 2016


Revitalizing Retail With Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is increasingly being used to create a personalized shopper experience in retail stores, for example by providing real-time suggestions for complimentary and alternative products.  This paper reviews three key technical considerations when implementing wireless solutions for this environment - needs analysis, site survey and validation assessment.


Issue #9 - August 2015

The Intelligent Office

This issue focuses on the Intelligent Office, an advanced technology solution that provides comprehensive management of a company’s technology in order to improve business speed and lower overall operating expense while increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction. We present data on the quantifiable benefits of these solutions, as well future growth projections.


Issue #8 - February 2015

BYOD Part 2 - A Business Update

In this issue, we provide the business justification for BYOD and mobility enablement, namely revenue growth, increased employee productivity and reduced customer attrition. We then explain three key elements in a successful implementation - a clear strategy, policies that incorporate key stakeholder input, and incorporation of major business applications.


Issue # 7 - October 2014 

BYOD - A Business Update

In this issue, we renew a focus on BYOD, based on the continued proliferation of mobile devices and tablets in the workplace.  We explain a number of "do's and don'ts" for those formulating IT policies and introduce an alternative approach - COPE or "Company-Owned, Personally Enabled" devices.


Issue # 6 - June 2014 

Cloud Services - Benefits & Considerations

In this issue, we discuss whether Cloud growth rates represent the "Real Deal" (they do) and which type of companies are taking the plunge.  We review the benefits of Cloud, as well as how to avoid the financial and security pitfalls.


Issue #5 - February 2014

Cybercrime Part 2 - 5 Ways to Avoid It

Continuing the cybercrime theme from Issue #4, we identify FIVE ways to keep your business off the Cybercrime casualty list, including (a) implementation of security safeguards, policies and controls; (b) the need for ongoing intrusion testing; and (c) managing mobility and the cloud, two areas of increasing vulnerability. 

Issue #4 - October 2013

Cybercrime - A Growing Threat To Your Business

We discuss the what, how and why of cyber threats to businesses. This issue reviews the major findings from the latest release of an annual consortium study of cybercrime and then discusses how to avoid becoming a cybercrime casualty.


Issue # 3 - April 2013

5 'Must Haves' for a Trusted Support Partner

Building on Issue #2's focus on different support options, in this issue we share recent decision-maker research on five key drivers for a superior support relationship vs. one that falls short of the mark.


Issue #2 - October 2012

Spotlight on Strategic Technology Support

Here, we describe internally supported, externally supported and "shared responsibility zone" approaches across five key areas of technology support. We conclude with three important guidelines for organizations choosing an external network provider.


Issue #1 - July 2012

Spotlight on BYOD

In this first issue, Coranet's CEO Margaret Marcucci looks at a rapidly evolving aspect of business mobility - the trend toward Bring Your Own Devices or BYOD. We believe that BYOD security is something that our clients cannot afford to ignore. Companies must take a proactive approach in the areas of mobile device management security, technology and financial support.


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