Unified communication system brings voice, video and data applications to one network

Unified communication system    

Improve your efficiency by implementing a converged solution



Convergent Solutions

Coranet® can help you migrate all your voice, video and data applications to run efficiently over one network.

Internet protocol technology has created an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy unified communications and to share information so that companies can realize savings by running all of their services (including call center solutions) over their network.  Benefits of this convergence are: 

  • Less hardware needed to support shared services and applications
  • Lower energy usage to power and cool the hardware
  • Reduced network cabling necessary to support multiple applications
  • Less square footage required

Coranet can help by providing network assessment services. Our consultative approach analyzes all aspects of your network, and makes recommendations on how to best support the demands of convergent solutions, while our manufacturer-certified designers can engineer and install the optimum unified communications solution for your organization.

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